Engineering solutions for a better and greener world

Emas Kiara Group, listed on Bursa Malaysia, is one of Malaysia’s leading geotechnical engineering companies offering total engineering solutions specializing with the use of geosynthetics which helps conserve environments and facilitate infrastructural development. Having extensive knowledge and experienced in the manufacture of geosynthetic products, it’s able to provide solutions to replace conventional designs and enhances environmental aesthetics in engineered structures.

Property Development

Pinnacle Tower @ Johor Bahru City Centre, a new living era! The 38-storey serviced apartment captures the essence of elegance in its architectural design. Set in the heart of Johor Bahru, the 273-units towering perfection features excellent accessibility and facilities to complement your luxurious lifestyle.

Geotechnical and Engineering Services

With 15 years of geosynthetics, be it manufacturing, design or installation, the group has become an icon in the Asian geosynthetic industry, and recognized from far beyond. Leaving the manufacturing behind in 2011, Emas Kiara's vision for the years ahead...